re-sized Chrigel has landed!

The Chrigel has landed

What an athlete! Christian Maurer, Chrigel, has landed in Monaco after a superb display of athleticism and magnificent flying skills as he battled the adverse conditions, along with his co-competitors, from Salzburg, Austria to Monaco.

He completed the 864 km course in just under 11 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes, despite a 24-hour penalty which he received when he infringed a forbidden zone by a few metres. He landed on the float in the harbour of Monaco watched by hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The rest of the competitors are making their way to Monaco as quickly as they can before the cut-off time of 16:22 on Saturday, 30th July. Toma Coconea (ROM) is grimly hanging on to 2nd place and is 170km north of the goal , chased by Paul Guschlbauer (AUT4) and Martin Muller (SUI3).

Congratulations to Christian Maurer from all of us at XtremeSport4u and if anyone is in the vicinity of Monaco you might like to know that the Red Bull party is now definitely scheduled for 20:00hrs on Sunday, 31st July – in Monaco.

Christian Maurer has won the Red Bull X-Alps from Salzberg to Monaco

The Chrigel has landed

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