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Something new…. there’s always something new!

And this time it’s Parabungy. Brought to our attention by one of our readers – “Voss – Norway .. Parabungee – 180 meter jump from below a parasail pulled by a boat = Awesome !!” says Martin and we have thoroughly enjoyed investigating this new Nordic adventure.

” Its time for all to experience a new challenge – ParaBungy – The Ultimate Bungy jump from a flying parasail ” say Nordic Ventures.  It is the highest Bungy jump in Europe and absolutely a must do for any serious adrenaline junkie.

Parabungy – in Europe

Nordic Ventures offers parabungy in Voss, Norway

Parabungy jumping with Nordic Ventures in Voss

This is a whole new unique experience. Basically it’s a very high jump with the traditional bungy rope, but with the new experience of flight. Suspended at 600 feet (180 m), Nordic Adventure’s purpose-built jump platform hangs below the worlds largest custom built parasail or in other words, instead of jumping off of a bridge, you are behind a boat like a normal parasail and you jump off of a platform under the parasail… it’s hard to describe exactly.

Parabungy in Norway

As with all bungy jumping there are some things you need to know:

  1. You will have to sign a standard waiver and disclaimer (this is perfectly normal)
  2. Once you leave the platform you will be travelling in excess of 115km/h
  3. The complete jump procedure with 2-3 people jumping will take a maximum of 1 1/2 hours including briefings.
  4. Dress for being on the boat for this time period and take the weather and temperature into account, but loose clothing is not adviseable.
  5. You WILL be weighed. It’s obligatory. The company must know your correct weight.
  6. And weight restrictions will apply. Minimum 45 kgs max 95 kgs – NO EXCEPTIONS !

If the weather conditions are not suitable, the operation can be either put on weather hold for up to a couple of hours or re-booked for another day.  Any ongoing jump operation will be stopped if weather conditions change noticeably during the jump time and they will be changed well before they become a danger to the safety of the operation.

Parabungy with Nordic Ventures

You might think it all looks a bit flimsy, but it’s not. The cords come from the worlds leading manufacturer, AJ-Hackett -Queenstown, the man who, himself, holds the world record, according to the Guinness Book of Records, for the  highest bungee jump from Macau Tower of China, 233 m. Not only have A.J. Hackett’s  cords been tested and developed over more than a decade, but more than a million jumps using Hackett’s cords stand as their own reference.

The parasail has been custom built for the purpose by Waterbird and is capable of lifting up to 300 kgs in flight.

Again, as with all operations such as this, if you cannot jump due to fear – and they will give you a couple of tours with the boat to give you time – but if you cannot step off the platform, you will not get a refund. And really, if you think about it, it would be quite illogical to expect one. Time and effort has been expended on your behalf and even if you didn’t step off the edge, the adrenaline will have been pumping. Sometimes, you are the braver for saying, “No, I’m not going to do it.” That takes courage too.

While you’re in Voss, which is 100km from Bergen and sits spectacularly between two major Norwegian fjords, the Sognefjord to the North and the Hardangerfjord to the South, you might want to do something else besides parabungy. Nordic Ventures are thee to help you. they also offer  parasailing, paragliding and sea kayaking.

photos courtesy of Nordic Ventures

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