Soar like an eagle

Have you ever arched your back and stared into the distant skies and marvelled at the grace of an eagle as it soars overhead effortlessly with just a flicker of its wing and thought ‘Wow – that looks fun’. Well land loving man under his own propulsion is rooted firmly to the ground but with an ever inquisitive mind he has been able to develop the means to soar like an eagle.

Bald Eagle

Photo courtesy of First People the link to which is: http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Pictures/eagle_pg1.html

Paragliding is the answer of course and today we will provide you with an insight into this fantastic extreme sport. Below are some handy tips.

  • Seek out professional instruction and you will have a safe and happy flying career, (probably). Paragliding is not something that should be self-taught.
  • Decide whether you want to learn near to where you live or in a more ‘paraglider friendly climate’. For many people it will be easier to learn abroad, or at least some distance from where they live.
  • Find a reputable paragliding school. It is worth using your national association to locate the school nearest you. These are readily found on any search engine.
  • Before you part with your hard earned money, spend some time with the school, ask questions, ask if they mind you tagging along for a day to see what it is all about.
  • Realize that paragliding is very weather dependent, so your training might take 4 days, 4 months or even longer.
  • Be patient. It might seem like you will never get qualified! You’ll get there in the end though and it will all be worth it.

See below what the world looks like when you get your wings and succeed where Icarus failed. Yes no feathers, no wax – just soar like an eagle.

This is an extreme sport that we will visit again and hope that this great video from Finkenstein will whet your appetite for the sport of paragliding.

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