Ready for something really extreme? Why not skydive at Mount Everest?

We’re really on the subjects of rocks and mountains this week, so to break away a little from the climbing side, why not peal off into the sky and take the easiest ascent and descent of Mount Everest possible?

We did an article on this when we were a mere wordpress blog, not that we’ve progressed much further but we’re getting there!

There are two windows for this adventure. May and October. It’s obviously too late for May, but October will be upon us before we have time to blink and there are 3 projected tours:

Group 1: 6th October – 19th October 2010
Group 2: 8th October – 21st October 2010
Group 3: 10th October – 23rd October 2010

Group Size: Each group will have 12 – 15 members.

This is the most elite and extreme skydiving adventure you could possibly have. Imagine the view you will have floating in front of Everest and freefalling past some of the world’s highest mountain peaks. You get to jump from the world’s highest drop zone – 9,000 metres and land on the highest drop zone in the world. Of course you will need supplementary oxygen.

Skydiving over the Himalayas

If you are into extreme adventures then this is the one for you.

However, there are some things you need to be aware of if you’re about to rush out there and book your ticket.

If you plan to jump as a soloist then you have to be FAI “C” and “D” license holders, or can demonstrate over 200 logged and witnessed jumps under the regulations of a recognized parachute association of any country. Documents, including relevant medical certification, will be required.

If you prefer to go tandem then the first thing you need to know is that the weight limit is 95 kg!

To inspire your confidence a little you might like to be aware of a few facts about the instructor you are about to entrust your life to…

Tandem instructors are required to pass an instructor certification course for the system they jump before skydiving with students. All Everest Skydive instructors are so rated. Most countries have varying laws or regulations allowing who may skydive with a passenger or student. The United Kingdom requires each potential instructor  prior to their training and examination to have over five hundred individual skydives and three years of skydiving experience. Individual manufacturers’ certification courses usually have additional requirements. All Everest Skydive tandem masters are qualified under British, American and Australian regulations and to the manufacturers stringent requirements.

On top of that, the Everest Skydive company uses the Dual Hawk Skydiving System made by Strong Enterprises, and Tom Noonan , the director of Tandem from the company is overseeing all Everest Skydive tandem operations.

Confidence indeed.

Need further inspiration? Then check out the video:

The price for a solo jump is £14750 and Tandem will be £19,750. This includes tandem master briefings, training and tandem skydive.

And now, if you want to book, please follow this link directly to Everest Skydive and get in touch with the chief co-ordinator, Wendy Smith.

“Brace yourself for the adventure that beats all adventures…”

And if you do go, please let us know how it went!


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