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Proximity wingsuit flying in Mexico

Flying… not falling…

Did you ever think Mexico had cliffs like these one’s? They are stupendous! And what a playground for Red Bull and their extreme sportsmen …

Jon DeVore is originally from Alaska, but is now based in California. He has been jumping since he was a teenager and has survived a 100-mile crash into a mountain when a stunt went wrong. However, he is still a dedicated and committed jumper and as manager of the Red Bull Air Force, Jon DeVore is ‘part educator, part performer, and one-hundred percent visionary’. “I’d like to teach the general public that what we’re doing is actually flying, not just dropping,” he explains. “Gravity is our engine. We manipulate the wind speed it creates off our bodies to fly forward and cover miles of territory, or to choreograph complex aerial routines at speeds of over two hundred miles per hour.”

A professional skydiver, Jon took to the wingsuit with alacrity. “Compared to skydiving, the wingsuit is a whole different animal. It slows your fall-rate so drastically that you really have a lot of time to comprehend what’s going on around you. Actually, it’s only when I’ve gone out and chased Kirby around, and we fly together for a little bit, that I’ve properly realised the power the suit gives you.”

Not all skydivers make the transition between the two sports. Red Bull Air Race World Champion Kirby Chambliss has more than 100 skydives under his belt, but he has never tried wingsuit flying. “I’ve never tried the suit and that’s OK – I’d probably scare myself silly,” he says.

I will leave you with one more Red Bull video. A rare chance for the inhabitants of a city to witness formation wingsuit flying right in their midst…

Red Bull, as you well know, sponsor and back the best of the best in the extreme sports world. It is a place that many sportsmen would like to find themselves. As Jon DeVore puts it, “We’re blessed.” I think he speaks for all those on the Red Bull team, in whatever capacity.

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