Our congrats to the Indian superwoman – Shital Mahajan-Rane

Shital Mahajan-Rane ‘flew like a bird’ over Spain and successfully created a new  record for India – their first female wingsuit flyer.


Pune sportswoman Shital V. Mahajan-Rane ‘flies like a bird’ over Spain, sets record. (IANS Photo)

She jumped from the aircraft at 13,000ft and, making the most of her wingsuit, flew like a bird until opening the ‘chute at 4,000 ft. She completed the stunt with a safe landing to the appreciation of hundreds of  people who clapped and cheered her.

“Such a jump has not been tried by any Indian woman so far and it has become a national record for me,” Shital told IANS by phone from Spain.

Asked to describe her experience, she said: “It was too great to describe in words.”

Shital, born and brought up in Pune, is no stranger to creating records around the world.

Pune’s Girl Shital Mahajan will jump in Wing-suit (birdman-suit)in Spain on 19th Sept for the national record

On April 18, 2004, she made an amateur jump over the North Pole in minus 37 degrees Celsius from a height of 2,400 feet. This was the first time she had ever parachuted!

Two years later, Dec 16, 2006, she traveled to Antartica and jumped over the South Pole from a height of 11,600 feet in minus 38 degrees Celsius.

These two records have made her the only woman in the world to have jumped over both the earth’s  Poles.

She was also married in a hot air balloon and is the happy mother of twins. She obviously does nothing by halves!

Very few women in India have ventured into adventure and extreme sport … yet… and Shital hopes this feat of hers will give others the incentive to try something different – and it doesn’t have to be wingsuit flying! Wingsuit flying, as we all know, is probably the most extreme of extreme sports and is certainly not for everyone. It requires at least 200 skydive jumps beforehand, total discipline, concentration, will and determination – and that little bit of something extra… besides nerve!


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