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Our boy Yves has done it again

Yves Rossy is incredible, he really is. At 51 he is still crossing boundaries never crossed before. Known as The Jetman, he his latest stunt is to formation fly above the Swiss Alps alongside two Albatross aircraft.

Rossy launched himself from the side of a helicopter before taking his place alongside the two jets high above the Alps…

Yves Rossy sets another record

Birdman Yves

Since childhood Yves Rossy had wanted to “fly like a bird”. His previous job flying fighter jets for the Swiss Airforce brought him close to this sensation, but was not quite what he had imagined ‘flying like a bird’ to be like. And so he invented his very own suit – a winged pack with rigid aeroplane-type carbon fibre wings with a span of about 8 feet (2.4 m), and four small kerosene-burning Jet-Cat, jet engines under the wings, along with a heat-resistant suit similar to that of a firefighter or racing driver to protect him from the hot jet exhaust.

That was the early days – his suit has been constantly tweaked and improved upon, but it’s still based on the same prototype. It weighs around 120lb and his four engines enable him to travel at speeds in excess of 125mph.

In September 2008 he crossed the English Channel in 13 minutes, on the 5th November 2010 he looped the loop around a hot air balloon and in May 2011 he flew over the Grand Canyon.

Formation flying over the Alps with fighter jets is just another ‘first’ in his record-breaking achievements.

Well done Yves! What fun you must be having…

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