No one had ever done that before

In part 3 of the Jeb Corliss story we learn more about what makes the brain of this fearless individual tick, how he has completed nearly 1,000 base jumps and about the people he works and lives with, including the late Dwain Weston, the craziest base jumper on the planet.

After his accident in South Africa Corliss was laid up in hospital for a month and left a changed man. ‘… makes you appreciate life so much more when you realise its (life) not permanent………and did I think about stopping……..never’.

But the statistics do not read well. Fatal accidents in the base jumping world, when someone crashes and is killed are referred to as having ‘gone in’ – since 1980 the recorded number of people who have ‘gone in’ is 100 but the real number is thought to be much higher. As Corliss says ‘ its like going to war……you never know who it is who will not come back this time’.

In October 2003 Jeb Corliss teamed up with his buddy Dwain Weston to attempt something that had never been done before. The plan was to jump from an aeroplane and wingsuit fly over and under the highest suspension bridge in the world at Royal River Gorge near Canon City in Colorado. Corliss was to fly under the bridge, Weston was to fly over the bridge and then they would both deploy their parachutes inside the gorge.

No one had ever done that before.

The story continues but I leave you with part 3 from excalibour88 – thanks guys.

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