Nicholas Cage in a rush to go hang gliding.

With news that adrenaline junkie Nicolas Cage is planning to take a break from acting to become a hang gliding pilot we thought he might like a few tips. Cage who is currently in London whilst filming is desperate to get his wings and has discovered it takes just two weeks to get a licence in the Swiss Alps.

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Nicholas Cage as Superman

Well we thought we would provide a helping hand with the video below from rbonvent which is the United States’ Hang Gliding Association production of how to fly a hang glider. Cage has apparently hit a snag – he can’t get insurance to cover the high-risk sport – but we suggest with the proper instruction this need not be the high risk sport that many would have you believe.

Watch the USHGA’s instructional video below – it will give you some confidence.

Cage is no stranger to adrenaline-fuelled activities in the air. He starred in airborne drama Con Air and then played a helicopter pilot in Fire Birds. The actor is also said to be obsessed with Superman, and even gave his son Kal-El the superhero’s birth name on Krypton. After the premiere of Superman Returns, he said: “Each night I have dreams that I’m flying. I’m a real good floater in my sleep.”

Thats OK Nick but this will be the real thing – you simply cannot afford to make a mistake – take lessons from properly qualified instructors and as we have said on numerous occasions about every different kind of extreme sport – you must take your time in learning the art of what you are doing – please don’t rush Nick and remember this is the real thing – you are no more than Clark Kent!

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  1. Rick Russell
    2012 | 26 October at 07:28 #

    When Nick wanted to get into Hang Gliding about five years ago, I Rick Russell was sending him pictures of my Hang Gliding, and he gave made me the taught about writing a screen play for a good Hang Gliding movie from the book I started writing, but now I just want to make a movie. From all of my Adventures I have had in my flying career, before they had parachutes and it was fun to fly. But the Mountains are very Radical and dangerous, I like flying with the birds and that is the way to fly and I used to watch the birds blink there eyes in the air and see there feather ruffle in the air as you fly next to them in the air, that was one of the best things about flying that really turned me on. I am on Yosemite Conservancy – :)

  2. Rick Russell
    2012 | 27 October at 05:06 #

    I am Rick Russell and I was sending Nick pictures of my Hang Gliding and I was writing a book, but Nick gave me the taught about writing a screen play for a good Hang Gliding movie from the book I am writing and I would like to have an author help me write this movie and a Agent. But now I just want to make screen play for a movie, from all of my Adventures I have had in my flying career, before they had parachutes in the seventies it was to fun to fly all the time. The picture of me flying off Yosemite at Glacier Point and I was wearing a parachute on the front of my Harness, and all you have to do is pull the parachute in front of you and through it out in the air clear path :) The Mountains are very dangerous, so you could fly on the coast for a while then go with some advanced pilots for a Mountain flights, I was a Advanced Hang four pilot. I am on Yosemite Conservancy, a little ways down the page in a white glider – :)

  3. Rick Russell
    2012 | 27 October at 22:06 #

    Here is flying off of Yosemite at Glacier Point: :)

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