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Miles Daisher BASEjumps off Hellhole Bend

This was a first: to BASEjump/wingsuit fly off Hellhole Bend in the Little Colorado River Gorge near Flagstaff.

Cool as a cucumber, Daisher leapt off the north ridge of the gorge, dropped nearly a 1000 feet before picking up enough air speed to use his Wingsuit to catch enough air. He then flew through the canyon, showing off by doing a barrel roll for the cameras, before deploying his Degree Men canopy.

… sorry, you’ll just have to wait for the rest!

And if you were a little confused by his reference to skyaking – then have a look at this!

That’s a really cool landing!

Needless to say, Miles Daisher is sponsored by Red Bull. So enamoured of the air is he, that he has completed more BASEjumps than anyone else on the planet – 2,700 and counting. He set a BASEjumping record for the most jumps in a single day – 57!  climbing a total of nearly 29,000 vertical feet to do so. “It’s a magical thing when you fall out of the air,” he says.

There’ll be a lot more from him on this site I’m sure!

feature photo courtesy of Red Bull


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