Felix Baumgartner prejump

The first man to break the sound barrier

You probably know all about Felix Baumgartner’s successful record breaking freefall from the edge of space the other day, and you have probably also heard that he has now retired from his daredevil escapades – gone out on a high so to speak… and if this story has completely passed you by I’ll give you another opportunity to watch this amazing jump:

Felix Baumgartner freefalls from the edge of space

But … here is just one more video from the Red Bull Stratos team with soundtrack that experts believe contains an actual sonic boom – the first by a human not in an aircraft. If you listen very carefully you can detect a faint boom at about the 25-second mark of the edited footage posted below:

The first sonic boom made by a man not in a machine


Experts believe that this is the sound of the first human not in an aircraft breaking the speed of sound.

Baumgartner set records for highest manned balloon flight (the space capsule was towed skyward via a stratospheric balloon), highest skydive and fastest free fall (833.9 mph), while wearing a pressurized suit to make the plunge through harsh atmospheric conditions survivable. His freefall lasted 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

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