Looping the loop with a tandem paraglider…

It is possible after all – something that one would have thought defied all the rules of physics, gravity and what ever else you can think of has now been done , videoed and posted on YouTube (redbull)…

Naturally Red Bull was behind the stunt.

Pal Takats and his co-pilot Gabor Kezi became  the first Tandem-Duo team in the world to loop the loop with their 31 qm bi-place-parachute in Walensee (Lake Walen), Switzerland on 7th August, 2010.

And not just once. Launching off a cliff at about 1,800m they were able to do 45 loops in a row – proving that what had previously thought to be impossible: looping the loop with a parachute, can be done and done in spectacular style.

It was U-Turn’s Chief Designer Ernst Strobl who made this feat possible by designing the G-FORCE, a paraglider whose dynamics outclassed all previous theories.

“The borders of physics are set, but where excatly we still have to find out,” said Ernst Strobl, Chef-Developer of U-turn. Previously Takats, one of the world’s best acro-pilots, had already achieved looping the loop, called Infinirty Tumblings, as a solo pilot. But yesterday he did what had been deemed impossible – looping in tandem with Gabor Kezi.

“It was really tough. Due to longer lines, the way to pass for both pilots was even longer each looping.” Takats explaned. “For us it was about 6 G. For the parachute it was even more, up to 12 G, which is a real challange for the material.”

Hungarian Pál “Pákkó” Takáts is 25 years old and started paragliding in 2001. From there it was a natural progression into Acro-flying and it was here that he met his future team partner Gábor “Gäbbi” Kezi, 28.

Even though he is only 25 years old Pál has made a name for himself on the world stage of daredevils and extreme sportsmen. He won the World Cup in 2007 and and became Pilot of the Year in 2006 and 2007 in Hungary. He was also crowned Synchro Vice-World Champion. He took third place at the World Games in 2009 and in the same year came 8th in paragliding’s toughest competition – the Red Bull X-Alps – an 818km race that crosses Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France. The athletes can only fly with paragliders or walk…

His co-pilot Gábor came 4th at the World Championships in 2006 and 2nd at the Synchro-World Cup in 2008.

They share a wealth of experience in this sport. They also know what they are doing. So, before you rush out there, pausing only to grab a best mate on the way, and attempt to loop the loop with your paraglider … please be warned, it ain’t that easy!


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