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Live life to the full – sage advice from Phil Keoghan

Yesterday we reported on the tragic news of Shane McConkey’s death whilst doing something that he really loved to do – ski and wingsuit fly. It went wrong, likely equipment failure but anyone who knew Shane also knows that he died doing what he loved to do – he was not the kind of person to let life pass him bye.

Another man who lives life to the full and whom we report on today is Phil Keoghan of Amazing Races fame who has just set out on a bicycle to ride 3,500 miles from Santa Monica in California to New York City.

“What drives me is really my will to live,” said Keoghan, who had a near-death experience when he was 19 years old: He almost drowned while diving inside a shipwreck. “I’m inspired by people who seek to squeeze the lifeblood out of life. I just have this overwhelming desire to take as much of the opportunity to live as I can because you look around you and you realize a lot of people are already dead.”

The bike ride during which he will cycle up to 100 miles per day, has two major purposes: to promote his TV show – The Amazing Race – and help raise money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Keoghan has been an avid cyclist for years, averaging about 12 hours a week on a bike, and he’s also been active in Bike MS, a nonprofit organization that has raised nearly $700 million to support the fight against the crippling disease that attacks the central nervous system.

PHIL KEOGHAN IS A RISK TAKER. The seven-time Emmy-winning host and producer of The Amazing Race and best-selling author has explored the deepest underwater caves. He’s set a world bungee-jumping record. He even ate dinner atop a volcano—an erupting volcano.

Phil Keoghan

Not only do we laud Keoghan for the extreme personal effort (in raising awareness of multiple sclerosis) that it will take to ride 3,500 miles across the USA – on some days he will be hoping to complete more than 100 miles, and then there is also the not so small matter of having to ascend no less than 3 mountain passes of over 10,000 feet in altitude as he climbs his way to Denver, Colorado – but it is his view on life that is so inspiring.

Who are you? Are you someone who lives life to the full or are you someone who just lives? We know what Shane McConkey would have said and for sure Phil Keoghan is a believer in living to live. How many times have you heard people say…… ‘I wish I had done that’. Well thats no good – just get off your fat ass and do it, create your personal goal, achieve your personal goal and then glow in the aura of self satisfaction and see and feel the confidence that it will give you – we don’t believe you get a second bite at the cherry!

For information on how Phil is doing on his epic journey you can visit his website and here you will also find details of where you can join him on his journey for what will surely be some welcome support.

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