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Latest generation of helmet video cameras

Helmet-mounted video cameras are growing in popularity as skiers and snowboarders find a way to record their epic rides on video for the You Tube generation.

Punch in a few keywords and dozens of links to extreme sports helmet carrier videos pop up.

Fall Creek’s resident cameraman Chris Hocking added a helmet camera, also known as a lipstick camera because it looks like a lipstick container, to his cache of recording gear this season.

“Nothing beats a true POV angle,” Hocking said.

Falls Creek will use helmet-mounted cameras on competitors during the Big Air Comp (August 16) and Stylewars TTR (August 25-28).

This will give spectators at the events “a unique perspective on what the athletes are experiencing in the air,” he said.

“We’ll also be creating an interactive trail guide for our website which will help guests get a real insight to the varied terrain we offer at Falls Creek,” Hocking added.

Helmet cameras attach to most camcorder or recording devices with RCA inputs. The next generation of helmet cameras are self-contained MP4 hard disk recorders fixed with a lens.

“You can also buy helmets with a camera fixed in the helmet itself – these are developed in the US,” Hocking told “Personally, I prefer camcorder taped vision as it easier for me to archive and a removable lipstick camera can be fixed to any surface.”

Interested in filming your own Warren Miller-esque helmet cam video?

You can fit yourself out with a low end camera for under $200 but expect to invest at least $800 for a top end unit which will deliver broadcast quality images.

Hocking says that price will be determined mainly by how many lines the camera can record.

Want to see more hel-cam footage? Get dizzy with this clip of the Ontario (Canada) Alpine Snowboarding team on a down hill run. Certainly is great quality and likely they will be in great demand, not only from snowboarders – there are many other extreme sports enthusiasts that I can think of who will be queuing up for these cameras.

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