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Jon DeVore, Red Bull Air Force Manager, and the 7 Summits

The 7 Summits is not a new subject to us, but the way Jon DeVore plans to attack them is…

Raised in the forty-ninth state, ‘Alaska Jon’ (who now lives in California) took his first jump as a teenager and went on to win multiple national and world championships in individual and three-man freeflying. He is now manager of the Red Bull Air Force and “part educator, part performer, and one-hundred percent visionary.”

At 33, Jon is passionate about flying, every form of flying despite a one-hundred-mile-an-hour crash into a mountain when a stunt went wrong. He is intent on teaching the public that the sport of wingsuit flying really is flying “not just dropping” and on the 7th and 8th May, the Red Bull Air Force team will be in New Orleans with what looks to be a spectacular and not-to-be-missed show. I think you’ll agree with me when you’ve watched their teaser:

“Skydivers at our level are hands-down the fastest non-motorised machines in the world… AND we fly with the same or more precision than any aircraft” says Jon DeVore.

Always using the latest canopy and wingsuit technology, Jon devises new manoeuvres and stunts that have never been seen before. Famous for his comment “I don’t know…I’ll have to ask my team members”, shows that he doesn’t underestimate contributions from his equally skilled team members. Their experience is phenomenal. Jon himself has more than 16,000 skydives behind him, but, he says “We’ve got gold medallists in every discipline and there isn’t one of us who doesn’t do it all – from skydiving, to BASEjumping to swooping.” He, and his team of professional skydivers are practically pioneers of human flight.

Jon now has a new project of his own which he calls the Seven Summits and it will combine his love of flying with the speed riding discipline. “I’m planning to be the first to use a high-speed parachute to descend from the highest summit on each of the seven continents,” he says. The project will see him jumping onto the top of each of the Seven Summits and flying down the side of the mountain attached to a very small parachute and (usually) a pair of skis and speed racing to the bottom. “I figure I’ll reach speeds of close to 80 miles per hour or more on the approach, and there will be lots of hazards in the landscape, so it’s super dangerous, but I’m training hard.” Psyched at the prospect, he adds “Tackling this is going to be huge.”

Don’t forget, 7th and 8th May, New Orleans, the Red Bull Air Force will be putting on a spectacular show…


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