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J.T. Holmes flies to South Africa with Degree Men

29-year old J.T. Holmes, aka the Birdman, is the epitome of an extreme sportsman. He’s a base jumper, wingsuit flyer and an extreme freeride skier. Many of our readers will recognise his name from the ski movies he has made such as ‘Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon’ where he and a team of four jumped off  North America’s two tallest skyscrapers  (which are in Chicago) wearing wing suits . They also stepped out of helicopters and flew between the skyscrapers treating them with the disdain that slalom skiers treat the gates as they carve their way through them. That was a pretty memorable stunt!

His latest exploit is to team up with Degree Men, whose deodorant comes with a rallying cry “to those who want to devour life and all that it brings”.  They flew out to South Africa for a little something different and did some stunning wingsuit flying in the mountains near Cape Town.  There are some fabulous scenes from his headcam as well as from his jump buddy Espen’s headcam and the helicam – nothing is done by halves!

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