re-sized the move

Have you heard about THE MOVE?

Ok, so it’s a gadget. But a gadget that we feel fits our subject of extreme sports rather well as the video footage you get with the aid of this little number has to be seen to be believed. Just a regular iPhone and no hands. Perfect.

It is fully compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and although it is not tailor made for other phones, if the dimensions are similar to the iPhone 4 it will fit.

It has already been used with great success out mountain biking and blading and the designers intend to take it skydiving, rock climbing, kiting etc so I should be able to post some impressive videos shortly.

The designers are also dead keen to keep the cost of The Move down – as low as possible. And to do this they need your help. If you are interested in getting one all you need to do is contact them directly and pledge your intention. When they reach the magic number they will be able to approach the manufacturer of the injection mold and negotiate the best possible rates.

So, if you would like one of these fabulously useful little items then please go directly to their site, read more about it, and pledge your interest:

And when you get your Move, please let us know how you like it! Some videos would be great too!!!

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