Fly like a bird

It is no exaggeration to say that wingsuit flyers ‘fly like birds’ – witness this video (Bastichu)

… or this one…

Wingsuit Base number 4 from Hobo on Vimeo.

I still maintain it takes a certain character to do this extreme sport, but it does look like fun!

The speed of a normal free fall jump is about 120 mph (193 kph), but a wingsuit can reduce the speed of freefall to 50 – 60 mph (81 – 97 kph) and the flyer can fly horizontally through the air at 70- 90 mph (113- 145 kph). A wingsuit nearly triples the time of flying in the air before opening the ‘chute so it is not really an exaggeration to say you can ‘fly like a bird’.

It’s the closest man has got to it yet… and its not for lack of trying!

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