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Dean Potter up to his tricks again

Is there nothing that this guy will not try?

Yosemite Falls is the highest measured waterfall in the United States at 2,425 ft  or 739 m and the 7th highest in the world. It used to be the 6th until the recent discovery of the Gocta Cataracts in Peru which are 2,530 ft – or 771 m. And they were only discovered by the outside world in 2005 – isn’t that amazing?! I must add here for the sake of accuracy that reports differ on the height of this waterfall. Initially it was supposed to be the 3rd highest if those above measurements were correct, but their is some dispute about that, which puts them as 5th highest. Even that is not a definite… the World Waterfall Database lists it as the 16th highest… obviously another expedition to this remote region is going to have to be undertaken one day. At the same time the WWD knocks Yosemite off its #6 perch and places it firmly down at 20!

However, there is no doubt that 2,425 ft is an awesome height. A fearsome height. Not many people would choose to ‘walk the wire’ over that drop even if they had a safety valve.


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