re-sized dean potter on north face of the Eiger

Dean Potter Does It Again…

Dean Potter does it again. I think he outdoes everyone in his search for the most extreme conditions for whatever he does.

Last month (August) he successfully free solo-ed the route Deep Blue Sea on the North Face of the Eiger. It’s a 600ft gently overhanging limestone slope – difficulty rating is 5.12+, which if you don’t know what that means go check out my blog on climbing grades done yesterday (5th September). If this is a 5.12 grade I HATE to think what a 5.15a looks like!

As you can imagine there is a huge risk of falling.

Being Dean Potter means you aniticipate the unimaginable – he wore his super-lite BASE rig to give him an outside chance of survival if he fell. However, as with his baselining, he would have to fall ‘right’ to be able to use the ‘chute – needless to say, the ‘chute wasn’t used.

Dean Potter free-climbing the Deep Blue Sea route on the North face of the Eiger

Dean Potter on the north face of the Eiger

Congratulations to Dean Potter for once again astounding us all and my thanks to Beat Kammerlander/Barcroft USA for this wonderful photograph.

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