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David Cornthwaite – who is this endurance athlete?

David Cornthwaite is one of a handful of endurance athletes who push themselves to the very limits of their capacities – and beyond. ..

Right at this moment, he is 4 journeys into his 25 x 1,000 miles around the world without motorised transport project, but his adventures really began in 2005 when he first tried his hand at skateboarding. Not long afterwards he left his job and founded BoardFree, a charitable initiative designed to raise funds and awareness for three handpicked charities. He then started to plan two World Record-breaking skating journeys.

By the Spring of 2006 he had become the first person to skate the entire length of Britain – from John o’ Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall. On January 22nd 2007 he completed his second journey, a five-month world-record 5,823 km skate between Perth, in Western Australia, and Brisbane on Australia’s east coast.

Skateboarding from John o’ Groats to Lands End

In December 2009, after living on a canal boat and learning how to paddle, he completed a two and a half month, 2,476 km expedition along Australia’s largest river, the Murray.

The bug had bitten, and the love of adventure changed the course of his life. He decided to try and make a living out of it and so was born the idea for the Expedition1000 project, which was/is to be an ambitious series of twenty five journeys of at least 1,000 miles in length, each one using a different method of non-motorised transport.

In Spring/ Summer 2010 he began training for a world record breaking Stand Up Paddle journey by paddling 85 km across Lake Geneva with his friend Seb Terry, and then 150 miles across the UK from Bath to London, with fellow adventurer Sarah Outen – of London2London via the World fame which culminated, this Summer (2011), in the first Stand Up Paddleboard journey down the entire length of the Mississippi – without motorised assistance, along the way breaking two world records, the longest distance paddled by SUP in one day, and the longest distance paddled by SUP in one journey, 2,404 miles. He also paddled as an Ambassador for Blue – the Climate and Ocean initiative which shares the belief that sport and travel, green travel, are the best tools to encourage an appreciation for the environment. During the epic voyage Dave encouraged people to join him on the water and develop an appreciation for the river that flowed by their doorsteps.

Paddle boarding the Mississippi

What else is on the cards in the near future? A 1,000 mile flight over Nepal. In February of this year he spent three weeks in Nepal getting over vertigo by learning how to paraglide, in preparation for this epic flight, but a month later was to be found in Canada where he began the 3rd journey of Expedition1000 pedalling a tandem bicycle 1,400 miles from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas – he completed the journey in 14 days.

Apart from having the time of his life… what is it all for? In his own words:

“We form our own circumstances, just as a decision to be successful is rewarded by success. If we think big and aim high, we achieve much more than if we deny ourselves ambition.”

He intends to raise £1,000,000 for his selected charities by the end of the project. The project will take him across three oceans, to both poles, and to every continent on Earth!

Way to go Dave and best of British luck to you! To follow his progress go direct to his website.

feature photo courtesy of SUP Connect Photos

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