re-sized Julio Munoz - Chilean Daredevil

Basejumping off a cliff with a motorbike? He must be mad!

A 37-year-old daredevil and paratrooper from Chile has ridden a motorbike off the side of a 4,000m-high mountain in the Andes.

Julio Munoz BASEjumps off a cliff on a motorbike in the Andes in May 2011

Julio Munoz - Chilean Daredevil

Base jumper Julio Munoz had been planning the stunt for three years. It entailed taking a helicopter up into the Andes mountain range, ride his bike off a specially constructed jump, and only opened his parachute 200ft from the ground.

I enjoyed Dibber’s, of , account of the exploit:

And then there’s the jump itself which was filmed from several angles but also from a head-mounted camera (GoPro?) from which he got some amazing shots as he launched himself off the cliff edge on his 450cc bike and dropped like a stone towards the ground.

And what was the daredevil thinking as he launched himself into space? ”On the way to the ramp, I was focused on adjusting the speed on the bike. When I left the ramp and I’m flying, that’s where I really feel comfortable.”

Paratrooper Muñoz said the extraordinary stunt was just an ‘everyday’ experience for him and that the logistics involved in financing the stunt, known as ‘BASE Project Los Andes’, were far more stressful than the jump itself.

Could it be said that that was a waste of a perfectly good motorbike?! And dare I ask if all the debris was picked up? Sorry, don’t mean to be a wet blanket – it was an amazing feat!!!

Muñoz intends to keep pushing the barriers of his extreme sport and we’ll try to keep you up to speed with his next exploit.

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