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Wingsuit flying … BASE jumping … they’re not necessarily mad but certainly adventurous

So, as with all previous videos on either wingsuit flying or BASE jumping, this is, of course, superb. It features amazing scenery in Switzerland, and it’s got Erik Roner, Brandon Lillard, Jhonathon Florez, and Ted Davenport going crazy and jumping off huge cliffs, but what makes this video different is the behind the scenes moments that are just….. fun, and that is thanks to the host of the series Erik Roner and his quirkiness.

Whether it’s Erik’s attempts to exercise in his wingsuit, him trying to ignore (or enjoy?) the ever-constant ringing bells of the Swiss Alps, or the spoof stunts starring his cute 2 year old son Oskar (keep an eye out for that lad in a few years’ time!), it all adds to give this visually stunning wingsuit video an element that hasn’t been seen before in an action video.

But when you start monkeying around in this business, all sorts of things can go wrong … witness the following video which unfortunately I can’t embed so you’ll have to follow the link:

You’ll be glad to know that this father of 5, and doctor to boot, survived because of  lightning quick reflexes. Not deterred by his headlong fall,  he deployed his parachute and landed safely – 3,000 ft below.

And then of course there is Jeb Corliss… it’s been a while since we’ve brought you any Jeb Corliss video’s but this one’s a humdinger. They call them ‘birdmen’ and wingsuit flyers say they one of the reasons why they do it is to experience flight like a bird and this flight of Jeb’s certainly does that:

And so … what are YOU up to this weekend?!

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