Barefoot longboarding with a wingsuit

Last Saturday it was an extreme slip n’ slide, this Saturday it’s extreme barefoot longboarding with a wingsuit.

Some might says “he’s mad” and others will say – “that looks fun!”

… barefoot longboarding down a 3.5 mile stretch of road with a total decent of 1,100 ft and reaching a speed of 49mph, Chuck Buckley, owner of Tahoe Longboards, says “It is more of a rush for me than scary”. The wingsuit is of course used as his breaking system!

In 2002 Buckley made his first wingsuit. Not for skydiving, but for a skateboard. It was made out of an old tent that was left behind at Woodstock ‘94 in New York! He used it as a braking system to slow down. When he opened it up, it filled full of air and created resistance to gradually slow him down. The idea came from the desire to point it down Highway 40 from the top down to Donner Lake without making any turns — barefoot wearing just a pair of surf trunks.

Askey why he would do something so crazy, he replied “My longtime friend Dave Frissyn and I have skateboarded together since we were kids back in Maryland. Twenty-five years later we are in Tahoe cutting up a tent and making air brakes. We both grew up shortboarding ramps and street, but always liked bombing hills and doing power slides — just two guys who love to skate.”

They always skateboarded barefoot and with nothing more than shorts on.

Asked how dangerous this particular sport was he said “It was the most scared I’ve ever been on a skateboard. So it is very dangerous? Extremely! If you fall bareback and barefoot, you are going to feel the heat.”

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