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And a new year begins… in spectacular fashion in Dubai

A year ago almost to the day, 2 intrepid basejumpers, Nasser Al-Neyadi and Omar Alhegelan, broke the world record by jumping off the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Record Breaking BASEjump off Burj Khalifa

On 31st December 2011, this same building hosted a breathtaking display of fireworks that captivated the world.  The world’s tallest building was draped in the colours of the UAE National flag as the spectacular display began. As someone I know who was there, said…. it was … “unbelievable”.

New Year celebrations at Burj Khalifa

Now that’s a firework display! Hay ho… the year can only get better!!!

Happy New Year to one and all…

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