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A technically difficult BASEjump, but a magnificent site

No sooner do I put one video out bout BASEjumping and then I’m sent another eye catching one.

Cedric Dumont BASEjumps at the spectacular Gocta Falls


Isn’t that a site to beat all sites?

Peru’s tallest waterfall, and unofficially the world’s 5th tallest after Angel Falls in Venezuela, Tugela Falls – South Africa, and Ramnefjellsfossen and Mongefossen in Norway. Belgian Cedric Dumont travelled to the Amazon’s Gocta Falls in the Chachapoyas to complete this 540 m jump. In just 10 seconds, and reaching speeds of 200kph, he completed this very technical BASE jump before opening his parachute and landing perfectly at the foot of the waterfall.

It is thought that the first person to bring these magnificent falls, which are fed from the Peruvian Andes,  to the Peruvian government and the world’s notice was German economist Stefan Ziemendorff as recently as May 2005 (some reports say 2002, but 2005 seems to be more correct – but you may correct me if I’m wrong!). The local people knew of it of course, it is in full view of their village called Cocachimba, but up ’til  2005 this was one of the world’s best kept secrets.

The only way to each the waterfall, which is about 7 hours north-east of Lima,was via a 5 hour hike or horse ride through the jungle. This was one waterfall which was definitely well off the normal tourist route. However, there is now a road to the local village Cocachimba. The Falls flow into the Cocahuayco River and the nearby town of Chachapoyas is located at an altitude of 2,235 m (7657 ft). The waterfall is at a slightly higher altitude and an sometimes be partially obscured by clouds.

“Before 2005, everyone watched the waterfall, but no one went there,” said Edinson Santillán, the 28-year-old president of the town’s newly formed Communal Tourism Association. “We were fearful. Our grandparents would say, ‘Kids, it’s dangerous to go there. You will die, you’ll get enchanted, and you will stay there.'” However, now the Falls benefit the village in a good way. Watch this video to see why…


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