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A Paraglider Helps Teach an American Eagle to Fly

So it’s not all fun and games… sometimes you can use your favourite pastime to help someone or something else, as Jacques Olivier Travers and his paraglider friend have done.

Sherkane is a 14-year-old, 4 kg American eagle born and entirely raised in captivity.He has never had the opportunity to fly.

Glider shows eagle how it's done

Travers, a falconer, undertook the task of teaching Sherkane how to fly as an eagle should.

After an intensive year-and-a-half, Travers and a paraglider inspector friend, were ready to take the eagle for its first real maiden flight – from the top of Mont Blanc in France.

Falconer, paraglider and eagle launched themselves from the 4,800m high peak and soared effortlessly above the magnificent scenery and Sherkane discovered the freedom of the skies and movement for the first time, although, like a toddler, he never strayed more than 100m from his comfort zone – Travers, and alighted on his arm 40 minutes into the flight.

Experts hope this successful event raises the possibility that more birds of prey will be able to be re-introduced to the wild. We hope so to…

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