A new BASEjumping record

The building had barely been unveiled and two intrepid adventurers have already launched themselves off the top of it!

The Burj Khalifa building in Dubai was unveiled on 4th January as the world’s tallest building at 2,716.5 feet tall. It cost $1.5 billion to build.

By 7th January, and after months of planning,  it had already been conquered.

BASE jumpers Omar Al Hegelan and Nasser Al Neyadi broke the record for the world’s highest BASE jump from a man-made structure, by leaping 2,205 feet …

Omar Al Hegelan

They free-fell for 10-11 seconds, hitting speeds of up to 136 mph, before deploying their parachutes for the 30-40 second flight to Burj Park Island (AllVideoVault).

Both men are expert skydivers and obtained permission from the Dubai authorities to jump from the tower.

Al Hegelan began BASEjumping in 1997 and has made over 15,000 sky dives. He said, “It was amazing, one of the most beautiful sensations I’ve ever experienced.

“We did it legally, we did it safely and we set a new world record.”

Congratulations to both of them!

The word ‘Base’ in BASEjumping refers to the structures jumpers leap from: Building, Span, Antenna, Earth.


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