2 extreme sports in one breathtaking jump

Erik Roner has been a professional skier and avid BASE jumper for the past 6 years. He’s been published in over 30 different magazines world-wide, starred in over 10 major ski films, participated in numerous TV shows on Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, Showtime, FUEL TV and others. Each winter he travels the world and films a progressive big mountain ski segment with Teton Gravity Research from which the following video comes from (TheErikRoner):

Here, Erik, Teton Gravity Research Big Mountain skier, BASE Jumper & Nitro Circus athlete becomes the first person to Ski BASEjump off Cajun Coulior in Jackson Hole, WY. Cajun Coulior is near the popular Corbet’s Coulior.

Erik started skydiving and BASE-jumping in 2000 and quickly developed a passion for BASE-jumping. He has helped pioneer ski BASE-jumping, skiing numerous first descents all over the globe. Ski BASE-jumping is where you ski down a line that ends or closes out in a 200ft-2000ft cliff. The line is only ski-able if you ski off the cliff and deploy a parachute.

Roner, 31, first came to the publics’ attention when he ski-BASEjumped in the 2005 film, Tangerine Dream. Although generally hanging out at and around the Tahoe ski scene, if you see a guy wearing skis and a parachute floating down off the gnarliest cliff at your favourite resort, chances are Erik has come to visit.

What sort of a man is he? Well, when a friend asked him if he’d like to “ come BASE jump dirt bikes into the Grand Canyon?” His immediate response was, “I’ve never even been on a dirt bike but, yeah, I’m in!” and that’s the sort of man he seems to be… up to any stunt in the book and if it’s the first time it’s been tried – hell yeah, why not!

We’ll end with another visually breathtaking video of Roner, Morrison and Jones doing some seriously extreme skiing on some seriously extreme mountains (NewRISC):


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