Extreme speed using just the power of wind

This may sound like a bit of a rant, which it is – it is a subject much bigger than extreme sports but the connection is that so many of the extreme sports that we cover concern the use of what nature gives us – be it wind, snow, water, ice or sand.

I think there are many millions of people who have not been moved by the sight of polar bears struggling in an ever diminishing environment – to give just one example. Yes I am talking about man’s selfish and unchecked consumption of the finite resources that we find on our planet. It is happening and we must – MUST – do something about it.

This is going to be a subject that we will revisit, time and time again.

Somewhat perversely I am illustrating through the videos below the power of some of the global and natural forces which we do not utilise properly – dare I say it – because the political pressure from the huge corporations is so intense that no government has the will power to instigate change. But change we must – was that not what Barrack Obama said – well Mr President elect – they say ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. We await with hope.

Otherwise it won’t be in the too distant future that some of these extremes will no longer be possible.

First up windsurfing speed records from Namibia – thanks isaspeedtour.

Now those crazy Fins again on ice – thanks pedrowind.

And finally sailing speed records – thanks ptoleme.

And lest we forget here is a moving portrayal of what we are doing to our planet – thanks XXOOPisces

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