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Birdman Holmes Degree Men

2013 | 16 April - 0 Comments

J.T. Holmes flies to South Africa with Degree Men

Degree deodorant did not need to look any further than J.T. Holmes for their Adrenalin Lab series with Bear Grylls …

snow kayaking

2013 | 16 April - 2 Comments

Snow kayaking … something to try

Instead of sledding down snowy hills, try it in a kayak …

Rob Dyrdek Lunches
astronaut axe hero

2013 | 9 March - 0 Comments

Urban MTB POV at Valparaiso, Chile

The 11th version of this Mountain Bike Urban Downhill returns to Valparaíso´s hills. …


2013 | 27 February - 0 Comments

Flyboard again…

Fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin …

kitesurfing feature

2013 | 14 February - 0 Comments

Jetboots by any other name…

The difference between the Flyboard and other ‘toys’ in this field such as the Jetlev, is that you can dive back in the …


2013 | 30 January - 0 Comments

Is this the world’s biggest wave ever surfed?

McNamara, 45, of Hawaii, was filmed on Monday surfing what appears to be a 100-foot wave off Nazaré, Portugal. …

Alpine Skiing - Peter Fill

2013 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Downhill racings’ most spectacular crash this year

The gate downhill ski racer Peter Fill destroyed was the last gate in the race …

Reuben Lenten

2013 | 22 January - 1 Comment

Ruben Lenten chases storms

Kitesurfing should have no boundaries. …