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2011 | 24 February - 0 Comments

It’s all about location – and Dakhla is a great kitesurfing one…

A great place to kitesurf is in the Western Sahara at Dakhla. if it’s good for kitesurfing then of course it’s good for windsurfing …


2011 | 26 January - 1 Comment

Robby Naish windsurfs JAWS with friend Robby Swift

Jaws is the ultimate challenge for extreme windsurfers and although it might not be an ‘Eddie’ yet, it is certainly a magnificent …


2011 | 25 January - 4 Comments

Windsurfing at the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

You windsurf on adrenaline in the Columbian Gorge. Hood River, just 45 minutes east of Portland, is not called the windsurfing …


2011 | 5 January - 0 Comments

Who says Windsurfing isn’t extreme?

a growing band of young wave sailors are beginning to gain access into the most extreme wave sailing spots and are set to …

re-sized windsurfing - mine

2008 | 9 October - 0 Comments

Windsurfing – Extreme?

Is windsurfing an extreme sport? …

re-sized kitewing on snow - for water

2008 | 19 September - 0 Comments

Kite Wing on water too

re-sized kitewing on snow again

2008 | 16 September - 2 Comments

Kite Wing – a new extreme sport

Invented by the Finns ,masters of just about all things extreme, comes the kitewing. …

re-sized Formosa Portugal

2008 | 1 August - 1 Comment

Maritime police crack down on kitesurfers in Formosa, Portugal

After several accidents occurring in the estuary this year, Maritime Police have prohibited kitesurfing and windsurfing in …

re-sized Isle of Wight

2008 | 19 June - 0 Comments

Isle Of Wight Extreme Sports Festival

White Air is an international multi-sport festival: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing make up some of the extreme watersports …