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2012 | 22 September - 1 Comment

When the State you live in is your playground

Ghetto wakeboarding – all you need is a tank of fuel, a sturdy truck and a towline …

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2011 | 19 August - 0 Comments

It’s the weather for wakeboarding

What better way to keep cool on a blistering hot day …

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2011 | 22 March - 0 Comments

Wakeboarding is all about the wake

The most important factor of a wakeboard boat is that it pulls steadily whilst maintaining a constant speed. …


2011 | 25 January - 1 Comment

A little more on Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is the hottest new water ‘skiing’ sport and although it is both radical and extreme it is also relatively easy …

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2008 | 16 July - 0 Comments

Fun and extreme sport in Oregon

About 1,200 athletes from as far away as Japan and England will compete for $100,000 in cash and prizes in 10 extreme sports …