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2012 | 17 November - 0 Comments

From kitesurfing records to a hydro-foil update

Which is the fastest speed machine on water – a kitesurf or an foil? …

re-sezed Laura Dekker

2012 | 5 February - 0 Comments

January was the month for successful ocean crossings and new records

2 new records and only one accepted by Guinness World Records …


2011 | 22 January - 0 Comments

The epitome of an adventurer – Sir Chay Blyth

A chance to swap adventure tales with great adventurers and fellow adventurists on Saturday, 5th February in London. …


2011 | 21 January - 0 Comments

The 4th largest sporting event in Britain after the London Marathon and the Great North and South runs

The 4th largest sporting event in the UK – Round The Island Race held on the Isle of Wight with the start at the the world …

Barcelona World Race Map

2010 | 28 December - 0 Comments

A Double-handed Sailing Race begins on Friday, 31st December

The extreme sport of short-handed sailing is dominated by Europeans, but other nationalities are going to try to prove their …


2010 | 26 December - 1 Comment

The extreme sport of short-handed sailing

The single biggest fear for shorthand sailors is that of falling overboard. Staying on your boat is imperative and with the …