Ocean Rowing

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re-sezed Laura Dekker

2012 | 5 February - 0 Comments

January was the month for successful ocean crossings and new records

2 new records and only one accepted by Guinness World Records …

re-sized Sarah Outen in Japan
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2011 | 5 April - 1 Comment

Sarah Outen begins her epic London2London round the world expedition

The London2London expedition will take Sarah Outen around the world via kayak, bicycle and rowing boat. …


2011 | 15 January - 0 Comments

A whole weekend ahead to worry about meals? Count yourself lucky says Sarah Outen!

A quick kayak across the channel, a brisk cycle to Japan, into the rowing boat to cross the Pacific, back onto the bike across …


2010 | 7 December - 0 Comments

Fancy rowing across the Atlantic?

If you fancy rowing across the Atlantic now’s your chance – 2 separate boats are looking for an extra rower URGENTLY – read …

re-sized anne.5

2008 | 16 December - 0 Comments

Anne Quéméré has had to call it a day…

“I must take this unfortunate decision and it is one of the most difficult taken in my lifetime” …

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2008 | 3 December - 0 Comments

Anne’s nearing mid-way but still in the Doldrums

Ever since being in the Doldrums she has had non-stop rain. …

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2008 | 24 November - 0 Comments

Anne Quéméré, the Oceankite and Extreme Weather

“It’s been a difficult weekend on the Pacific.” …

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2008 | 11 November - 0 Comments

Day 6 for Anne Quéméré

The winds have been moving at 25 knots with gusts to 30 knots. …