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Ocean ramsey canoeing
Dean's Blue Hole

2012 | 10 December - 0 Comments

New records at Suunto’s Vertical Blue, the Bahamas

The Suunto Vertical Blue comes to a very successful conclusion at Dean’s Blue Hole …

re-sized IMG_018

2012 | 20 November - 0 Comments

The Suunto Vertical Blue kicks off today in the Bahamas

William Trubridge has broken numerous freediving records. …

re-sized Freediving_with_dolphins

2012 | 6 June - 11 Comments

A Freediving record attempt by William Trubridge

Not quite the deepest freedive, but very nearly – next time William Trubridge aims to set a new freedive record! …


2012 | 19 April - 0 Comments

Olympic Swimmer George Bovell shares some tips on how to become a better freediver

Just as in Swimming, technique is sooo important… …

re-sized William Trubridge

2011 | 12 October - 0 Comments

Finally an update on Free Diving

Record breaking depths were reached by the world’s best free divers …

William Trubridge's record breaking 100m freedive

2010 | 28 December - 1 Comment

William Trubridge’s Record Breaking 100m Freedive

Watch the video of William Trubridge’s extreme freedive to the dangerous depth of 100m – a depth where the sheer pressure …