Cliff Diving

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re-sized Sasha and Gennadiy Kutsenko

2011 | 5 September - 0 Comments

The end of a wonderful event… until next year

The end of an extreme competition – for now. …

re-sized rd bull cliff diving

2011 | 1 September - 0 Comments

A little more on Red Bull Cliff Diving

Extreme and extraordinary …

re-sized Orlando Duque

2011 | 30 August - 0 Comments

Who are these guys who cliff dive?

The end of a fabulously extreme competition. …

re-sized Gary Hunt Boston

2011 | 22 August - 0 Comments

Yet another glorious weekend for Gary Hunt

The penultimate competition for Red Bull’s extreme cliff diving competition …

re-sized conlogue_c1851usopen11rowland__jpg_626x626_q85

2011 | 2 August - 1 Comment

A round-up of extreme sports events in August

Extreme sports events for this August …

re-sized Michal Navratil on the platform in Malcesine

2011 | 28 July - Comments Off on Red Bull Cliff Diving in Italy attended by thousands

Red Bull Cliff Diving in Italy attended by thousands

re-sized Red Bull Cliff Diving

2011 | 22 July - 0 Comments

If its north Italy it must be Red Bull’s Cliff Diving event

a 27m platform? Now that’s extreme diving …

re-sized La Rochelle Podium

2011 | 21 June - 0 Comments

Results from the 4th Red Bull Cliff Diving event at La Rochelle

Extreme precision of cliff diving …

re-sized a cliff diving scene
re-sized GaryHunt
re-sized Gary Hunt Red Bull

2011 | 23 May - 1 Comment

Gary Hunt walks away victorious at Red Bull’s Cliff diving in Athens

In split seconds the elite Red Bull divers perform incredible stunts. …

re-sized Lake Vouliagmeni

2011 | 20 May - 4 Comments

Red Bull Cliff Diving Moves to Athens, Greece…

Mind and body must be synchronized to perfection for this challenging sport. …