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2011 | 19 January - 2 Comments

The difference between snow kiting and speed riding – or speed flying for that matter

Speed-Flying compared to snowkiting is an extreme sport that involves a combination of paragliding and skiing skills. It …

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2009 | 27 August - 0 Comments

Yet more extreme games in New Zealand – THE WORLD HELI CHALLENGE

The World Heli Challenge event organiser Tony Harrington says:>“The World Heli Challenge offers the athletes the best conditions in …

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2009 | 18 July - 0 Comments

Kitesurfing really is one of the most extreme sports…

Kitesurfing and snowkite crashes …

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2009 | 13 March - 0 Comments

One of the most extreme kite races in the world

The 100km snowkite race on the Kola Peninsula is one of the most extreme kite races in the world. …


2009 | 10 February - 0 Comments

Another snowkiting event…

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2009 | 6 February - 0 Comments

Snow Kiting Expo in Minnesota this weekend

So what is this extreme sport all about and who came up with the idea of the human body bridging the gap – creating the link …

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2009 | 30 January - 1 Comment

Kite Surfing in Canada

Fast growing and simple to learn, kitesurfing is one of the newest and most rewarding adventure sports out there, but in …

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2008 | 20 December - 0 Comments

Snowkiting, snowboarding and kitesurfing???

When snowkiting goes wrong… …

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2008 | 18 December - 0 Comments

How different is SNOW KITING to KITESURFING on water?

They say that Snow Kiting is a lot easier to learn than kiteboarding on the water. This relatively new discipline is a combination …