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Banff National Park Skiing

2014 | 23 September - 0 Comments

A New 4 Part Series Filmed in Banff National Park’s 3 Ski Areas from Sherpas Cinema

Filmed in the Canadian Rockies by famed filmmakers Sherpas Cinema during 30 days of shooting across Banff National Park’s …

re-sized Thibaud Duchosal

2014 | 12 March - 0 Comments

Russia’s the flavour of the month for skiing

Sochi was the talk of Russia this year thanks to the Winter Olympics, but Thibaud decided to venture away from those crowded …

free skiing

2013 | 7 October - 0 Comments

Latest video for Thibaud Duchosal and friends

The official trailer for the RISE video …


2013 | 10 April - 0 Comments

Extreme sporting compilation

Wonderful compilation of a selection of extreme sports …


2013 | 7 March - 0 Comments

Snowcat skiing in 8 metres of powder

Great snow combined with fantastic terrain means heaven for wilderness skiing enthusiasts. …


2013 | 21 February - 0 Comments

Extreme skiing in Argentina

Alpine Skiing - Peter Fill

2013 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Downhill racings’ most spectacular crash this year

The gate downhill ski racer Peter Fill destroyed was the last gate in the race …

Johan Clarey

2013 | 21 January - 0 Comments

It’s all about speed and Johan Clarey outdoes them all

Johan Clarey didn’t win the event, but he will go down in the record books as the fastest downhill skier …


2013 | 21 January - 1 Comment

Thibaud Duchosal finds some good virgin snow

Being passionate about ‘la glisse’, it was inevitable that Thibaud Duchosal would pursue the sport of skiing before all …


2012 | 12 November - 0 Comments

Video: One way to freeze your crown jewels

This was the second time that Red Bull Jump & Freeze took place in Russia, 100 km away from St Petersburg, at the ski …