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climbing newfie

2013 | 13 May - 0 Comments

Climbing in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of North America’s premier ice climbing destinations despite this fact it remains unknown and off the …

tommy caldwell

2013 | 12 February - 0 Comments

Pushing your limits – the Tommy Caldwell way

The formula is pretty set. Dream up a climbing trip or pick a climbing objective, then direct my life towards that goal… …

free climbing

2013 | 6 February - 1 Comment

You have to admire free climbers

Free climbing spans four types of climbing styles: traditional, sport, free soloing and bouldering. …

winter climbing at Glencoe

2013 | 21 January - 0 Comments

Climbing in winter can be dangerous

It is thought the group of six were descending when the slope they were on broke away. …

re-sized willgaddclimbing with tools

2013 | 2 January - 1 Comment

Climbing sea stacks…

Climbers tackle the sea stacks near East Trinity, Newfoundland …

re-sized Darius the Great

2012 | 16 May - 2 Comments

Climbing in Iran

Iran has the potential to be the new climbing mecca …

re-sized grylls

2012 | 19 April - 2 Comments

Bear Grylls is climbing a wall!

Who is Bear Grylls? …

re-sized Iron Will Charity Eco Challenge

2012 | 5 April - 0 Comments

An Iron Will Adventure Race in Zimbabwe

An eco-challenge with a difference – it’s in Zimbabwe! …

re-sized Dave MacLeod

2012 | 18 March - 0 Comments

One of the toughest sea cliffs in the world has been conquered by Dave MacLeod

The toughest and most challenging sea cliff climb in the world? …

re-sized picu urriellu

2011 | 1 December - 0 Comments

Is this the world’s most difficult wall climb?

Is this the most extreme wall climb in the world? …

re-sized 600-ft rappell

2011 | 21 September - 0 Comments

Early warning registration advice for the Gold Rush Adventure Races

A great way to get into Adventure Racing, an extreme way to spend a weekend …