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re-sized Eiger Monch and Jungfrau

2011 | 13 August - 0 Comments

Mammut of Switzerland turns 150

Mammut celebrates its 150th Anniversary with the biggest peak project in history. …

re-sized Chrigel has landed!

2011 | 28 July - 0 Comments

The Chrigel has landed

Well done Christian Maurer …

re-sized Christian Maurer paragliding

2011 | 25 July - 0 Comments

The current status at the Red Bull X-Alps ultra-endurance event

One of the most extreme ultra-endurance events in the world. …

re-sized Christian Maurer

2011 | 21 July - 0 Comments

The Red Bull X-Alps is into its 4th day

Possibly one of the most extreme events in the world …

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re-sized Fredrik_Ericsson

2011 | 27 May - 0 Comments

A tribute to Swedish extreme skier, Fredrik Ericsson

Skiing at that altitude would bring most hardcores to tears. …

re-sized Babu-And-Lakpa

2011 | 24 May - 0 Comments

Paraglider Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tshering Sherpa paraglide off the top of Everest + other notable ascents

Everest has been witness to some extreme adventurers in May. …

re-sized Charlie Wittmack

2011 | 13 May - 0 Comments

The boundaries that some people push…

Physically it’s hard, but the mental challenge is so far beyond that. …

re-sized Kenton Cool

2011 | 9 May - 0 Comments

Kenton Cool summits Everest for the 9th time… to prove a point.

He is an expert skier and climbing adventurer. …

re-sized Sgurr_fiona

2011 | 26 April - 0 Comments

Munro Bagging at its most extreme

Different challenges drive different people, but Munro Bagging presents quite a few opportunities. …

re-sized north face of the eiger

2011 | 4 April - 15 Comments

The North Face of the Eiger, Switzerland

The North Face of the Eiger is now the playground of the world’s most extreme athletes. …