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2017 | 4 January - 0 Comments

Dismal snow so far so can we take inspiration from Ueli Steck?

Have you been skiing yet this year? here in Europe? The snow’s not good, not good in the Hautes Alpes anyway, not too bad …


2016 | 20 December - 0 Comments

NorthFace Weirdo or Visionary?

Vision is taking your quirks and turning them into assets. #QuestionMadness …

fear or free | Alex Honnold

2016 | 26 October - 0 Comments

Fear or Free?

Is a life defined by what we own or what we do? …

Mt Washington

2013 | 20 May - 1 Comment

Another great bungee jump – Solkan Bridge, Slovenia

Slovenia is heaven for extreme sports enthusiasts. …

re-sized Rincon-photo-4

2013 | 17 May - 0 Comments

Patagonia’s National Parks just got bigger

“Like many thinking people, we see biodiversity and ecosystems collapsing around us. So we’ve rolled up our sleeves and …

climbing newfie

2013 | 13 May - 0 Comments

Climbing in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of North America’s premier ice climbing destinations despite this fact it remains unknown and off the …

ski tour at Chamonix

2013 | 6 May - 0 Comments

The Chamonix Mountain Festival – book now

Climbing in the Mont Blanc massif and the Chamonix Valley means compact rock, high mountains, superb granite and miles of …

tommy caldwell

2013 | 12 February - 0 Comments

Pushing your limits – the Tommy Caldwell way

The formula is pretty set. Dream up a climbing trip or pick a climbing objective, then direct my life towards that goal… …

free climbing

2013 | 6 February - 1 Comment

You have to admire free climbers

Free climbing spans four types of climbing styles: traditional, sport, free soloing and bouldering. …

winter climbing at Glencoe

2013 | 21 January - 0 Comments

Climbing in winter can be dangerous

It is thought the group of six were descending when the slope they were on broke away. …

re-sized willgaddclimbing with tools

2013 | 2 January - 1 Comment

Climbing sea stacks…

Climbers tackle the sea stacks near East Trinity, Newfoundland …