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re-sized Sealand
re-sized english bulldog

2011 | 23 June - 2 Comments

The coolest dog in the world

Is this dog cool or what! …

re-sized Summer X Games

2011 | 22 June - 0 Comments

Tickets for the Summer X-Games 17 available from tomorrow…

Thrills, chills and spills …

re-sized horseboarding

2011 | 9 May - 0 Comments

Horseboarding? Is this going to be the latest extreme sport?

There’s a raw surge of natural power that you wouldn’t get from any other sport. …


2011 | 21 April - 0 Comments

Who would have thought a skateboard could be made to do all this?

Crashes, bruises and broken bones must have gone into the perfecting of these tricks. …

re-sized skateboarding

2011 | 14 March - 0 Comments

The early days of skateboarding with such heroes as The Mutt, Bones, Ollie and Mr. Incredible

Like surfing, skateboarding had the thrill of speed, freedom and versatility. …

Tony Hawk
Paper Skateboarder

2011 | 8 January - 0 Comments

Skateboarding thrills and spills

The extreme sport of skateboarding has its fair share of thrills, skills and stylish videos. …

re-sized Xperience09

2009 | 20 October - 0 Comments

An Extreme Sports Festival in Tynemouth – Xperience 09

An extreme sports weekend in the UK – coming soon “Xperience09 Festival”, in North Tyneside. The festival, which is in …