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re-sized mountain boarding
re-sized mountain boarding

2011 | 6 June - 1 Comment

Pushing the Mountain Board to extremes

Why not try mountain boarding? …

re-sized horseboarding

2011 | 9 May - 0 Comments

Horseboarding? Is this going to be the latest extreme sport?

There’s a raw surge of natural power that you wouldn’t get from any other sport. …


2011 | 23 April - 2 Comments

Landboarding, did you know you could do all this.

Landboarding combines the best elements of all-terrain mountain boarding and traction kites. …

re-sized Xperience09

2009 | 20 October - 0 Comments

An Extreme Sports Festival in Tynemouth – Xperience 09

An extreme sports weekend in the UK – coming soon “Xperience09 Festival”, in North Tyneside. The festival, which is in …

re-sized ukpsa_xperience09

2009 | 14 September - 0 Comments

An extreme sports weekend in the UK – coming soon

This is not just a surfing weekend – it is an EXTREME SPORTS weekend too. Some of the best UK snowboarders and skiers will …

re-sized Mountainboard with nosno bindings

2009 | 26 March - 0 Comments

From mountainboarding to mountainboard kiting

With mountain boarding one of the fastest growing extreme sports, is was only a matter of time, before the board was teamed …

re-sized mountain boarding feature

2009 | 25 March - 1 Comment

Mountainboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports.

A mountainboard is part snowboard and part skateboard. It has a snowboard-like deck, adjustable turning system, air-filled …

re-sized Seton going up beach

2008 | 29 December - 0 Comments

What’s the difference between SNOWBOARDS and MOUNTAIN BOARDS?

Mountainboarding has developed into a sport in it’s own right with it’s own culture and history which includes racing, freestyle, …

re-sized Isle of Wight

2008 | 19 June - 0 Comments

Isle Of Wight Extreme Sports Festival

White Air is an international multi-sport festival: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Surfing make up some of the extreme watersports …

re-sized guinefowl for Earth Air

2008 | 21 May - 0 Comments

This will be one to watch – eco-friendly extreme sports shop:

Air Company, a full-service kite shop serving the local kiteboarding and sport kiting scene, has spread its wings, launching …