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re-sized  Polli

2012 | 27 December - 0 Comments

Alexander Polli takes wingsuit flying to a whole new level

Following a natural progression, wingsuit flying soon morphed, for some, into proximity flying which is the ultimate challenge …

bungee jump

2012 | 2 November - 2 Comments

Xmas presents – OMG… not again

Think outside the box and giving something different for Christmas …

Felix Baumgartner prejump

2012 | 28 October - 1 Comment

The first man to break the sound barrier

The first human being not in a machine to create a sonic boom …


2012 | 13 September - 2 Comments

Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos project look set to jump in October

All is looking set for an effort at the supersonic freefall record in October for Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner …

Volcano Surfing

2012 | 4 May - 1 Comment

Video: Bodyflight World Challenge 2012

This is the “Best Of” the freefly division at the Bodyflight World Challenge 2012. …

re-sized Baumgartner and Kittinger Stratos inside the capsule

2012 | 8 March - 0 Comments

Red Bull Stratos 2012 update – the importance of the capsule

A trip to the edge of space with Red Bull Stratos 2012 …

re-sized Felix Baumgarten

2012 | 7 February - 2 Comments

Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull intend to set a new record

Will he be the first man to officially go supersonic? …

re-sized skydive landing

2011 | 17 August - 0 Comments

Survival tales in the extreme sports world

The luck of the Irish, except Zoe Sievwright is Scottish …

re-sized Tarifa Spain April 2011 201

2011 | 28 April - 0 Comments

Jon DeVore, Red Bull Air Force Manager, and the 7 Summits

“I’m planning to be the first to use a high-speed parachute to descend from the highest summit on each of the seven continents.” …