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re-sized parkour

2011 | 29 April - 0 Comments

Parkour can start at a tender age

It’s an athletic discipline which combines running, jumping, climbing, and somersaulting. …

re-sized Tarifa Spain April 2011 201

2011 | 28 April - 0 Comments

Jon DeVore, Red Bull Air Force Manager, and the 7 Summits

“I’m planning to be the first to use a high-speed parachute to descend from the highest summit on each of the seven continents.” …


2011 | 27 April - 7 Comments

Windsurfing versus kitesurfing

Windsurfing has a considerably steeper learning curve when compared to other so-called “extreme” sports… …

re-sized Sgurr_fiona

2011 | 26 April - 0 Comments

Munro Bagging at its most extreme

Different challenges drive different people, but Munro Bagging presents quite a few opportunities. …


2011 | 25 April - 0 Comments

Has the Indus River been tamed?

This is some of South Asia’s best kayaking! …


2011 | 23 April - 2 Comments

Landboarding, did you know you could do all this.

Landboarding combines the best elements of all-terrain mountain boarding and traction kites. …

re-sized Red Bull Dirt Pipe Aus 2011

2011 | 23 April - 0 Comments

The mighty Red Bull and an Australian BMX dirt half-pipe

With an international cast of BMX’s elite, the pipe witnessed some of the most fluid riding BMX has ever seen. …


2011 | 21 April - 0 Comments

Who would have thought a skateboard could be made to do all this?

Crashes, bruises and broken bones must have gone into the perfecting of these tricks. …


2011 | 20 April - 0 Comments

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic sees the crowning of a new Lord, Brent Dorrington

His success at Thurso, Scotland has placed Brent Dorrington at the head of the extreme surf challenge, the O’Neill Cold Water …

re-sized motocross and mud

2011 | 19 April - 0 Comments

Extreme motocross trails and little bit about the sport of motocross

Motocross trials is now an immensely popular sport practiced all over the world. …

re-sized Orlando Duque

2011 | 18 April - 1 Comment

2011’s Red Bull Cliff Diving competition has begun…

Masterly body control and the highest concentration is needed to ensure no accidents. …


2011 | 16 April - 0 Comments

[VIDEO] A brilliant BASEjumping, wingsuit flying and free-riding…

Supreme athletes in more than one discipline… …