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re-sized penguins

2011 | 31 March - 0 Comments

Some great videos on RacingThePlanet’s Last Desert – Antarctica

RacingThePlanet and their 4 ultra-endurance desert races culminate with The Last Desert – Antarctica. …

re-sized 2 BMXers

2011 | 30 March - 0 Comments

Is the sport of BMX restricted to the youth of today?

There’s something about a BMX that appeals to kids and adults and the sport of Bicycle Motocross – Freestyle BMX is now one …

re-sized Mount Laguna bike race

2011 | 29 March - 0 Comments

Another epic 101 mile cycle race organised by AdventureCORPS

The Mount Laguna 101 mile Cycle race is another ultra-endurance event organised by AdventureCORPS. …

re-sized FWT Verbier

2011 | 29 March - 0 Comments

Freeride skiing and its inherent dangers

Skiing or snowboarding down a mountain slope that can be as much as 60 degrees steep is inherently dangerous. …

re-sized ruben lenten

2011 | 28 March - 1 Comment

Extreme kitesurfing with Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow…

Dedicated to the sport of kitesurfing, Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow want to show the world what the sport is all about …

re-sized Red_Bull full sized logo

2011 | 26 March - 0 Comments

Flying history with Red Bull participation

Red Bull is an inspiration to extreme sport. …

re-sized red bull logo

2011 | 25 March - 0 Comments

Proximity wingsuit flying in Mexico

Some extreme proximity flying with the Red Bull Air Force. …

re-sized marathon des sables

2011 | 24 March - 0 Comments

It’s time for the annual Marathon des Sables in the Sahara

The Marathon des Sables is a 250 km self-supported ultra-marathon which is run in the Sahara Desert, Morocco. …

re-sized Adventurists Film Festival ticket

2011 | 23 March - 0 Comments

The Adventurists Film Festival is on 9th April, 2011

The Adventurists believe in adventure the way it used to be; when brave souls walked off the edge of the map… …

re-sized wakeboarding

2011 | 22 March - 0 Comments

Wakeboarding is all about the wake

The most important factor of a wakeboard boat is that it pulls steadily whilst maintaining a constant speed. …

re-sized mountain bridge

2011 | 21 March - 4 Comments

The perfect summer hike…

The perfect hike for the perfect day? …

re-sized Limone Alannah's fall

2011 | 21 March - 0 Comments

A weekend’s skiing in Italy

Limone-Piemonte is a great ski resort only an hour from the French and Italian Riviera. …