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2011 | 30 January - 0 Comments

What some people do for fun!

Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines when, combined with New Zealand’s dramatic scenery, …


2011 | 28 January - 1 Comment

7 Summits – 7 Flights… where to next?

Combining two extreme sports – paragliding and mountain climbing, a South African team aim to become the first people to …

Polo in the snow

2011 | 27 January - 0 Comments

Need a break from the winter gloom – how about St. Moritz?

Horse racing and polo on snow raises the stakes of these traditional pastimes to extreme sports levels. It requires the highest …


2011 | 27 January - 1 Comment

Rebecca Rusch on top of the world…

Supreme endurance athlete, Rebecca Rusch, never quits. She masters one extreme sport after another, successfully climbing …


2011 | 26 January - 1 Comment

From Colorado to BC – the Alpine winter world

Mount Washington in Vancouver Island has something for everyone – from extreme skiing and snowboarding to groomed runs and …


2011 | 26 January - 1 Comment

Robby Naish windsurfs JAWS with friend Robby Swift

Jaws is the ultimate challenge for extreme windsurfers and although it might not be an ‘Eddie’ yet, it is certainly a magnificent …


2011 | 25 January - 1 Comment

A little more on Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is the hottest new water ‘skiing’ sport and although it is both radical and extreme it is also relatively easy …


2011 | 25 January - 4 Comments

Windsurfing at the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

You windsurf on adrenaline in the Columbian Gorge. Hood River, just 45 minutes east of Portland, is not called the windsurfing …


2011 | 24 January - 0 Comments

The UCI Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Cup in Yorkshire’s Dalby Forest

Cross-country mountain biking is one of the most demanding extreme sports and the race track at Dalby Forest has been designed …

Night surfing at Jaws

2011 | 24 January - 1 Comment

Jordy Smith did it 2 weeks ago, now it’s Mark Visser’s turn

28-year-old Australian, Mark Visser, from Queensland is an extreme adventurer athlete who is pushing the limits of what he …