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2010 | 31 December - 0 Comments

The revitalisation of international BMX events

BMX in general and the BMX Supercross World Cup in particular, are undergoing spectacular growth, which has accelerated since …

Rope jumping Russia

2010 | 30 December - 0 Comments

Rope jumping – a new extreme sport?

“Rope jumping is actually the safest of extreme sports” says Timofei Zuev. Although not officially forbidden, police usually …

Yuichiro Miura

2010 | 29 December - 1 Comment

A tribute to the original extreme skier – Yuichiro Miura

He was 37 years old when he became the first man to ski down Everest and the fact that it very nearly cost him his life did …

William Trubridge's record breaking 100m freedive

2010 | 28 December - 1 Comment

William Trubridge’s Record Breaking 100m Freedive

Watch the video of William Trubridge’s extreme freedive to the dangerous depth of 100m – a depth where the sheer pressure …

Barcelona World Race Map

2010 | 28 December - 0 Comments

A Double-handed Sailing Race begins on Friday, 31st December

The extreme sport of short-handed sailing is dominated by Europeans, but other nationalities are going to try to prove their …


2010 | 27 December - 0 Comments

Winter 2012 – game for an adventure?

The Rickshaw Run promises to be an extreme adventure in an extreme environment – 3000 miles of India. …


2010 | 26 December - 1 Comment

The extreme sport of short-handed sailing

The single biggest fear for shorthand sailors is that of falling overboard. Staying on your boat is imperative and with the …


2010 | 25 December - 0 Comments

An extreme Handel on Christmas

Handel goes extreme at the Christmas Food Court Flash Mob with the Hallelujah Chorus. …


2010 | 24 December - 0 Comments

Extreme golf in an extreme location

Extreme golf enters a catagory of its own when played on the moon. …


2010 | 23 December - 0 Comments

Cyclocross – the perfect between seasons’ challenge

It is a sport not restricted to the pros, to extreme cyclists. Anyone can start cyclocross as there are races for experts …


2010 | 21 December - 0 Comments

Mike Cotty in search of his Ultimate Ride, others might like some help looking for theirs…

Mike Cotty is the epitome of a successful endurance cyclist and it is interesting to hear what he thinks is his ultimate …


2010 | 20 December - 0 Comments

Skiing, snowboarding and extreme skiing in Utah

The ease of access combined with consistent powder snow adds to the overall attraction of skiing in Utah. Slopes cater for …