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re-sized ice climbing

2009 | 30 September - 0 Comments

Continuing the discussion on different climbing styles

Some important techniques and practices common in rock climbing (a discipline we are more familiar with) that are also employed …

re-sized Alain Robert - the French spiderman

2009 | 29 September - 0 Comments

Alain Robert – the French Spiderman

“I am doing it for the thrill, for that feeling of danger and freedom.This is my way of expressing myself… We set ourselves …

re-sized ogden

2009 | 28 September - 0 Comments

Ogden – is this the new adventure sports centre of America?

38 year old Matthew Godfrey came up with a plan. He decided that Ogden, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, would be transformed …


2009 | 26 September - 0 Comments

Extreme kayaking madness

re-sized rocky mountain mountain bike

2009 | 25 September - 0 Comments

The various disciplines of mountain biking

Mountain biking is broken down into four disciplines: cross country, downhill, freeride, and trials/street riding. …

re-sized Great Wall of China

2009 | 24 September - 1 Comment

Adventure Marathons are so much more… adventurous!

The Adventure Marathon idea was born in 1998 in Copenhagen, Denmark when Director of Albatros Travel, Mr. Søren Rasmussen …

2009 | 23 September - 0 Comments

The defender – Alinghi 5

re-sized Wim Hof

2009 | 23 September - 0 Comments

The IceMan, Wim Hof – another extreme sports personality

Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder and adventurer, commonly nicknamed the Iceman for his ability to withstand extreme …

re-sized not El Cap

2009 | 21 September - 1 Comment

The other climb on El Cap – the Salathé Wall

The Salathé Wall is El Cap’s most natural line and quite possibly the greatest rock climb in the world. Many claim that …

re-sized runners-graph

2009 | 19 September - 0 Comments

Some interesting nutritional and medicinal truths

New research shows that people who feel compelled to take part in ultra-marathons and other severe endurance races are not …